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The Butler is an exploration game where you need to find keys to escape a mansion. However, the Butler is on the lookout for intruders and is looking for you. By asking you questions, he will make sure you're telling the Truth, and if you dare to lie to him, he'll play with you. 

Note: This game was made for the Game Jam "MoJam" in April 2018. The theme of the Jam was "Truth or Dare" and we had 48 hours to complete it. The interpretation of the team was that you had to tell the Truth to the Butler, otherwise he would have you make a Dare. Because of limited time, scope was cut down and we instead have this game loop of always having to keep track of your surrounding and you'll get good or bad effects applied to you depending on how you respond.

Team: André Bray, Cristina Mahneke, Jonathan Chouinard, Shea Galley

Published 6 days ago
Release date 6 days ago
TagsEscape Game, Exploration, Horror, mojam, mojam2018
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


The Butler v1.1.zip 441 MB


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I thought this game was great, it was simple and fun but also made me focus on where my fingers were on the keyboard at all times, I did NOT get to the end because I felt like I went into every single room but just couldn't find them all. I don't think 12 keys is unreasonable, it had me wanting to play it until I beat it because the butler roaming around isn't difficult to dodge, but GOD I WISH I COULD RUN!!! Other than that I had a great time :) 
The Butler starts the video and ends at 3:55

As silly as it is. It was fairly simple and fun! The replay ability is nice and the game is well entertaining. I could keep playing it for a good while so I'd suggest it if you want a game to play for your free time.

I beat it, and it was actually a really nifty concept! If you want to check out my reaction to it you can see it here. Good job on this game!

I absolutely loved how you were convinced that you could only listen for the whistling to feel safe. Enjoyed your reaction! Thanks for sharing our work!


I like it. Wasn't able to finish it but had fun anyways.


Thanks for playing and sharing our work. Congrats on getting down to 4 keys! Glad you enjoyed it.


you're welcome!

really really enjoyed this game! very well put together! awesome job on creating this!


Thanks you to play our game!!

Hi i put your game in a compilation it was the 2nd game :D

I like the idea of the game but it still needs some work the game was glitching out everywhere and i cant really be scared of a model that dosent move.

But still its a very nice idea and i cant wait to see what the update looks like :D.

Thanks for playing Diplow! Based on what I see, I believe you were the unlucky 6 people that downloaded the very first version we uploaded, which had a few more instability and balancing issues. Glad you liked the idea though!

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I enjoyed this game, I like a good GameJam and it will be great for my collection, I don't think I have seen this on Gamejolt but if I do I will be happy to support it there too.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer


CAN WE ESCAPE THIS MANSION? | The Butler Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Pretty solid game. I've never seen the mechanic of questioning the player over and over to gain a reward/punishment. It's definitely unique.

I like how you trash-talked the Butler at the end! He probably won't recover from you getting him caught behind that piano.


This was great! It really appealed to my recent interests in games. It had a heavy "slasher" or "slender" feel to it with some extra tweaks and mechanics. I loved the whistle mechanic, that way you can tell where the butler is, though he doesn't do it often enough for you to fully rely on it. The questions he asks and the teleportation ability that they boast really give the player a way out or a strategy. All of these extra things in the game really point to promise of a hard mode or maybe an extended version! The atmosphere was perfect, and I loved the feeling of not knowing whether the butler was gonna rush me out of nowhere or not. The only issue I really could see, besides there not really being an ending sequence, is the flashlight is a little choppy. I loved how it lagged behind the player, but I didn't like how it had that frame-skip look to it. Anywho, this is a game I'd definitely pay for if it had a fully polished version. Thanks so much for making this brilliant piece!

Thank you to play our game! We have fun to create this game!

Well it was great! :D Thanks!!


Hello! I played your game and I have to say I really enjoyed it! I made a video on my channel if you want to see how it went, here it is :) Thank you so much for sharing your art! Really well done.

Hey Nathan! Thank you so much for playing and sharing the experience. You indeed got lucky to complete it on your first round. You did pick up on the mechanics very quickly and were able to use the questions to your advantage.

Also loved the little section of feedback and advice at the end of your video.


Hey! I enjoyed your game! It was very simple to understand, find keys and avoid from getting caught by the butler that's roaming around.

This is just my issue about the butler. I respawned and he was already in the door next to me, so I only lived for like a good 10 seconds and got caught.  There were also times where the butler chases me then if I get to some random area's he would just stare at me and go away??

One  thing is the torch, I don't mind but when you move your character it's like kind of annoying that the torch swirls like that when moving around

Overall I liked the game, it wasn't to hard or to easy. Hope you don't mind I recorded it! :) Good luck to your future games!


Absolutely loved watching your video! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and that we were able to get some reactions out of you with the Butler.

The biggest challenge was probably getting the Butler's AI to work correctly in such an amount of time. This is probably where a lot of improvement could be done to feel more balanced. As for the torch, it was intended to be delayed, in a way to remove some of your sense of control, but it might need some tweaks as well.

You got so close to finishing it. Thanks for playing it!